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SAU Western Team wins two at home

SAU Western Team with ribbons after Sept 28-29 shows

Laurinburg, N.C. - The St. Andrews University Western Team won both Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) Western competitions over the weekend at the Equestrian Center.

St. Andrews now leads the region by 22 points after earning 40 points on Saturday and 38 more on Sunday.

Martin Community College and North Carolina State University (NCSU) finished with 26 Saturday to tie for second place. NCSU earned second place again on Sunday, adding 30 points to their total.

Michelle Hustad was the high point rider each day With Brooks Spicer of Martin Community College and Jasmine Fowler of Western Carolina University earning second place on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

“Hard work really does pay off,” said Hustad. “Having a good coach really does matter. This new team has great camaraderie and is already a tight-knit group.”

Saturday’s show saw first place finished by Hustad, Katie Mosca, Natasha Worker, Vicki Wiese, Callie Whaley, Logan Teeter, Ali Clynes Schmieding, and Dugan McDermott.

Michelle Eld, Jarret Vaughn, and Mark Mowbray contributed second place finishes to the team total.

“We are a very new team, but we already get along well which really pays off in competition and especially when we host,” said Katie Mosca, the horse show chair.

Sunday saw even more blue and red ribbons for the St. Andrews riders. Mosca, Hustad, Mowbray, Wiese, Austin Trockenbrot, Cailey Culp and Erin Hudson provided first place finishes.

Callie Whaley, Alexandra Fullerton, Erica LeSeur, Teeter and Hustad also contributed second place finishes to the effort. Sarah Murvin also added a fourth place finish to the team totals.

“It has been amazing for me to see the confidence of the riders both returners and new students at their first show,” said Coach Carla Wennberg. “We are already a team, the students work hard, take good care of the horses and look out for one another. It is a joy for me.”

The efforts for the weekend also qualified three St. Andrews riders for the Regionals this spring. Mosca will compete in Novice Horsemanship, Teeter in Intermediate Horsemanship and Wiese in Beginning Horsemanship.

The Western Team will next compete Nov. 23 - 24.

The St. Andrews Equestrian Center will host an IHSA Hunter Seat Show this weekend.

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